Psoriasis Treatment 

Phototherapy is the use of ultraviolet light to assist in various skin conditions, the most common of which is Psoriasis.
The light appears to exert it’s influence by down regulating the influence of enzymes which promote the increased rate of skin cell turnover, which is evident in Psoriasis. Patients may require different total exposures depending on severity and the sensitivity of the condition to the UV. About 10% of patients do not respond. Initial exposure is at a level known as the MED or minimum erythema dose that is the dose below which skin redness will not occur. It is then increased in small increments until a result is achieved. As well as treating psoriasis this modality has been effective on Vitaligo, skin itch and some eczemas. At Appearance Medical Centre we use the most recent development of Narrow Band Ultraviolet B Light or NUVB. This is considered the safest and most effective. For an assessment or further information please contact us.