Dermal Fillers 

Many people refer to these products as fillers however they really expand the sunken areas back to what was, and tissue expander sounds so much more scientific, so we like to call them Tissue Expanders


With the ageing process, sun damage gravity and life’s fortunes, our facial skin begins to exhibit linea and wrinkles.

This is an outward appearance of skin aging which is the lessening of the elastin and collagen tissue in the skin.

However this is possible to smooth out the folds and wrinkles with the use of tissue expanders enabling a more relaxed appearance and while the hands of time cannot be reversed you can still look good.

Which Products are used?

In Australia the licencing and evaluation of products is supervised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

There are many products available, and all have certain special properties, many however overlap in their applications so there is little difficulty to match the requirement with product.

TGA regulations prevent the naming of individual tissue expanders, however Dr. Crawford is familiar with and has undertaken training in these products and will be able to assist with the application of the right product.

We also use your own fat with fat transfer.

  • eczematous conditions
  • fungal infections
  • hand, hair and nail conditions
  • a hugh variety of itchy scaling rashes
  • urticarial and allergic conditions
  • difficult to manage Rosacea
  • Infants with eczema, nappy rash and fungal infections are particularly distressing to young parents and we are particularly able to assist with cost effective management and advice.
Dermal Fillers

How is it done?

The product is injected into the lines or depressions to plump them up and remains in the skin.

Usually anaesthetic is not required, however a regional block is often applied for upper or lower lips.

An inhalable analgesic is also used if required.

What can be treated?

Areas around mouth, chin and nose are the most common, so too is lip deffinition improved by arresting the lipstic bleed lines and enhancing the cupids bow.

The Lips may also have their volume enhanced for a fuller apearance or to balance the size of either upper or lower lip.

Dark circles or lines under the eyes are a frequent problem which may produce a tired or worn look. In many circumstances this is corrected by injection of a firmer tissue expander under the affected area.

Enhancers are also used for hollow cheeks and to enhance the cheek bones.

How long will it last?

The typical tissue expander will last from 3-6 months.

There are a number of recently developed products which manufacturers claim will provide two or three times the usual, and some claim semi-permanence.

Fat is expected to last indefinitely.

For an assessment or further information please contact us.