Forehead and Eye Lines (Muscle Relaxant)

Purified protein product extract has been used now for over 25 years to relax face muscle and smooth skin. There are many uses for these products the best known and most applied are treatment of forehead and frown lines between eyebrows and the crows feet or laugh lines around the eyes. Other uses are to enable eyebrow arch enhancement, diminish wrinkles in upper lip and around chin. This product has also been used to eliminate migraine headaches and to stop underarm sweating. The endurance of effect varies with individuals many last four months and some longer. He amount requires depends on the individual and may vary from 20 to 30 units per area. For your information in choice we advise the two most commonly available brands registered by TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) are the Botox brand  and the Dysport brand.
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Muscle Relaxants