PhotoDynamic   Therapy 

PDT or PhotoDynamic Therapy is a new and exciting way of removing early non pigmented skin cancers and advanced sun damaged areas, without the need for surgery.

It requires the application to the affected area of Amino Levulinic Acid (ALA), which is then absorbed into the skin. After absorption the area is exposed to pure red light, which activates the ALA to destroy the skin cancer. This is repeated seven days later.

Although some warmth is experienced, very few people have any other sensation during treatment. After treatment rarely blistering or redness may occur and this usually subsides in 24 hours.

There is no scarring and research shows an efficacy of 91-98%.

Other applications for PhotoDynamic Therapy

Skin Resurfacing

When PDT was being used to treat field cancerisation of individuals researchers noted the improvement of the general skin condition in the surrounding areas. This led to the development of the resurfacing techniques now used. To do this the skin sensitiser is applied to the face after either microdermabrasion or cleansing the skin to remove overlying dead skin cells. There is an incubation period of about two hours after which the light is applied to the face for ten minutes each side. There may be some hot feeling during this phase and this is reduced by the application of chilled air. If you have someone to drive you home, inhalable sedation is also used. All body areas are amenable to this treatment, there is a high level of safety and extremely low possibility of damage from treatment. Cost per treatment $660 (includes GST).


Acne and some types of acne scaring may be treated with PDT in a similar fashion as above, however this may require several treatments and be in conjunction with other therapies. For an assessment or further information please contact us.
Photodynamic Therapy